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Thumbnail Image for Article 11352SCKESC Welcomes Debbie Thompson, New Education Consultant
Posted Date: 07/20/2017

We are excited to welcome Debbie Thompson as a new Education Consultant at the Service Center.

Debbie has been an educator for 30 years. She has taught in the Wichita Public Schools and was an adjunct instructor for pre-service students at Wichita State University and Friends University. She has presented at the local, state and national levels to teachers and administrators, mostly in the area of mathematics education. Debbie was elected president of Kansas Association of Teachers of Mathematics for two separate terms and has been a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the local math association for over 20 years. 

Currently, she is chair of the State Standards Writing Committee for Mathematics assisting on the work of revising our current math standards for K-12. 

Debbie already has several workshops scheduled below, and is excited to begin helping in districts! 


Upcoming Math Workshops: Click on the titles for more info

Proposed Math Standards and Teaching Practices-
Elementary- August 2
Secondary- August 3
Participants will review the proposed changes to the Kansas Math Standards in format and content. Participants that attend this session will 1) investigate the content shifts and intent of the coherence and focus of the document, 2) understand the mathematics teaching practices, 3) discuss and understand mathematics content with their peers, 4) review resources that will assist in understanding the standards.

Multiplication Fact Strategies- From Concept to Fluency - September 7
Join this interactive session to learn new strategies and techniques for teaching multiplication facts. You will leave with ideas to immediately use in your classroom.

Addition Fact Strategies- From Concept to Fluency - September 8
Join this interactive session to learn about the latest information concerning fact strategy instruction and techniques. You will leave with ideas to use immediately in your classroom.

Big Ideas in Number and Numeration- September 28
This session will focus on the foundational skills all students need to be successful in mathematics. Learn about the concepts and tools you can use in your classroom to make mathematics make sense.

Teaching for Robust Understanding in Mathematics for Secondary Teachers- October 16
Join this interactive session to learn about utilizing the TRU Math Framework (Teaching for Robust Understanding). This framework will allow you to examine your mathematics instruction and make adjustments that will positively impact your classroom. After learning the framework, you will make decisions based on your needs and your students' needs.