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13939 Diagonal Rd
Clearwater, Kansas 67026

8:00am - 4:30pm

Phone: 620-584-3300
Toll Free: 877-875-3305
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Benefits to Schools

Benefits to Schools

  • Save schools money through cost-effective cooperatives, centralized services, and pooled resources. 
  • Provide specialized services otherwise unavailable.
  • Secure new resources for the region.
  • Provide leadership for innovative educational and administrative practices. 
  • Build networks and cooperative arrangements among districts and other agencies.
  • Link schools with state and national educational resources.
  • Serve as liaison between schools, KSDE, and other agencies.

Linking People and Resources
Our programs and services continuously evolve in response to state and national initiatives and the needs of educational communities in our region. We develop and deliver a wide selection of services that provide instructional and administrative support to schools. 

Services offered include:

  • Administrative Services: payroll automation, personnel training, teacher certification data bank, school emergency communications, grant services, disaster recover, document management, security systems.
  • Adult Diploma Completion: statewide locations for adult learners to obtain high school diplomas.
  • Career and Technical Education/Carl D. Perkins Consortium: assistance with federal career programs, Perkins Consortium support, Career Clusters. 
  • Copy Machines: lease purchase options, repair and maintenance, cost control.
  • Crisis Network: counseling for and organizational management of crisis situations.
  • ESOL Assistance: training for teachers and aides, networking, lesson preparation, assessments, translation.
  • Professional Development: research, evaluation and assessment, school improvement, teaching support, classroom coaching, job-alike networking, online college coursework, workshops, in-district training. 
  • Technology Services: integrating technology in instruction, assistance to schools and school districts in planning for educational technology, E-Rate services, software purchasing programs, district technology plans.