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KESA – Kansas Education Systems Accreditation

Accreditation Support Group

Getting a bit anxious about the new accreditation system, KESA? (Did you know it was called KESA?) We want to help! Consultants will meet with district or building TEAMs to share the new accreditation structure, assessment / data information, support for analyzing rubrics and helping your school set goals and so much more. The plan is to provide content for the first two hours and then allow the team to work with guidance for the last hour of the morning. Join us! We make accreditation fun!

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NOTE: On Tuesday, June 14, 2016, the Kansas State Board of Education voted to approve KESA as the new K-12 accreditation model for Kansas.

Staggered Implementation Timeline (pdf)
Zero Year - Preparing Your District (pdf)

The Five Rs (pdf) - a visual overview
Proposed Rubric - RELATIONSHIPS (pdf) - Staff, Students, Families, Community
Proposed Rubric - RELEVANCE (pdf) - Curriculum, Instruction, Student Engagement, Technology
Proposed Rubric - RESPONSIVE CULTURE (pdf) - Leadership, Early Childhood, District Climate, Nutrition and Wellness
Proposed Rubric - RIGOR (pdf) - Career & Technical Education, Professional Learning, Resources, Data
RESULTS - Academic/Cognitive, Technical/Career-specific, Employability, Civic Engagement

Cycle length - 5 years
Growth Process Graphic (pdf)
Detail of Steps in Cycle (pdf)
Visual of all Five Years (pdf - 11x17)
Year One Visual (pdf)
Year Two Visual (pdf)
Year Three Visual (pdf)
Year Four Visual (pdf)
Year Five Visual (pdf)