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Standards and Assessment Support

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Orion Education and Training provides guidance for districts and schools in designing curriculum and aligning to current state standards. The Professional Development Team has developed several helpful documents for teachers to use in better understanding standards and their place in the local curriculum.

For more information on how to help your school get started in improving your local curriculum, contact any of the consultants.

Build Your Own Curriculum

"BuildYourOwnCurriculum meets the needs of our teacher in the classroom; they have material available at their fingertips."
     David Miller- Coordinator for Assessment & Library Services
     Pattonville School District, St. Ann, Missouri

Provide every member of your learning community with the right information at the right time-- effectively, efficiently and affordably!

BuildYourOwnCurriculum is a Web-based solution that works wherever you have computers with an Internet connection-- you don't need to change or expand your current network infrastructure. Your curriculum portal can be customized with your logo and other appropriate graphics and can include links to and from your current Website. Additionally, BuildYourOwnCurriculum is extremely customizable and can be configured to follow the philosophy of Understanding by Design or other district specific approaches.

BuildYourOwnCurriculum was specifically designed by educators to meet the needs of students, parents, administrators and teachers.  Students can look at the standards they're expected to learn and master, see class activities, and retrieve the resources they'll need to complete their work.  Parents have the opportunity to view curriculum, assignments, and standards from home, work or library.  

Teachers can locate current curriculum requirements and resources, to easily update and customize their lesson plans in alignment with district standards and expectation. Administrators can gain instant access to the learning paths in each building, grade, and classroom-- and view this information by standards, by teaching objective, and by key concept.

Interested in an overview? 

Contact Kristi Orcutt or Lori Jensen


Data Analysis and PLCs

Consultants are ready to help your district understand your assessment scores; local, state or with products such as AIMSweb and NWEA. We have developed several tools for data analysis and are trained to assist districts with the PLC model. Several districts have contracted time with consultants to help with the analysis and interpret scores for application back to the classroom.

As the state accreditation model and federal law continues to readjust, our consultants work hard to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations. We can help your district to understand how these requirements effect your district and local data.


Covering New Ground

Here's your chance to learn some new skills! We know reading is the gateway for all of our students. By learning about these standards and truly incorporating the work into your current curriculum, you have the chance to open new worlds for the minds in your classroom.

This online resource was built specifically for the 6-12 Science, Social Studies and Technical Subject teacher. The Common Core State Standards initiative has created English Language Arts standards specifically for these classrooms.  The information presented will help to understand the standards as well as develop tools and lesson plans for implementation.


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Are you ready to track data about behavior in your schools? 

The School-Wide Information System (SWIS) is a web-based information system designed to help school personnel to use office referral data to design school-wide and individual student interventions. The three primary elements of SWIS are:

  • An efficient system for gathering information.
  • A web-based computer application for data entry and report generation.
  • A practical process for using information for decision making.‚Äč

These three elements give school personnel the capability to evaluate individual student behavior, the behavior of groups of students, behaviors occurring in specific settings, and behaviors occurring during specific time periods of the school day. SWIS reports indicate times and/or locations prone to elicit problem behaviors, and allow teachers and administrators to shape school-wide environments to maximize students' academic and social achievements.

The data entered into SWIS are protected to ensure that only approved individuals from the school may access the database. Information about SWIS and opportunities for adopting SWIS may be obtained by contacting Lori Jensen, certified SWIS trainer.