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Higher Ed Training

In light of the new vision for Kansas Education, Community and Technical Colleges will see an increase in student attendance. Orion Education and Training can help prepare your staff. We specialize in custom-built professional development opportunities and are happy to personally create trainings to meet your particular needs. Trainings can take place in-person or online. 

For More Information: Please contact Lori Jensen at or 620.584.3300

We can customize our training to your needs!

Our Consultants:

DeAnne Heersche

Lori Jensen

Kristi Orcutt

Shannon Fisher

Dr. Jena Cantwell


On-Site Training Opportunities:
Our Professional Development is made up of five highly trained and experienced teachers who specialize in a variety of fields. Topics are included below but can also be expanded based on the school’s need.     

  • New Teacher / Mentor Program      
  • Aligning curriculum, instruction, assessment and evaluation;     
  • Motivating students     
  • Incorporating critical thinking and problem-solving skills.     
  • Classroom Management     
  • Instructional Strategies     
  • Training Your Business Staff     
  • Customer Service Skills     
  • Introduction to the World of Work     
  • Business Communications   
  • Dealing With Difficult People     
  • Organizational Leadership and Development   Team-Working   
  • Payroll Processing     
  • Creating an Employee Handbook     
  • Policies and Practices     
  • Recruiting   
  • Wellness Programs


On-Site Professional Development – $700 per day plus mileage
Online Courses - $75 per course 


Online Classes:

Our online, on-demand classes can be taken anytime throughout the year. These workshops will allow you to learn at your own pace and time. Start on a day of your choice and complete in two weeks.

Employee Development
Communication in the Workplace
Employees will gain and apply their knowledge and understanding of personal and professional communication.  Individuals will also examine nonverbal and verbal communication barriers within an organization and how this affects communication and teamwork.  Students will learn to use the tools, methods and techniques to enhance and improve communication in the workplace.

Soft Skills Development and Enhancement
The Soft Skills Development and Enhancement certificate is designed for those interested in developing new or enhancing current skills, learning the latest trends and technology, and increasing productivity.

Instructional Strategies
Brain-Based Learning
Research is telling us loud and clear what we should know about the brain. Are we listening? Join Lori Jensen as she shares new evidence about our students’ complex brains and the implications for the classroom!

Differentiated Instruction
Differentiation allows teachers to purposefully plan instruction to address the needs of individual students and maximize learning for all students. This class will provide a framework and strategies for differentiating instruction, including formative assessment, flexible grouping, and digital tools.

Learning Through Inquiry
This course examines how inquiry-based learning strategies help foster critical thinking and complex problem solving skills. You will explore the different levels of inquiry and focus on how to engage students in a student-centered learning process through the use of higher level questioning.  

Managing Your Classroom for Student Learning
Participants will learn how to develop a classroom focused on student learning and not on student behavior correction. Readings will be from education experts, and participants will be asked to reflect on the readings and implement the ideas from the reading in their own classrooms. Participants will be asked to write their reflections on the reading as well as on the level of success of the implementation in the classroom.  

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success- Book Study
Participants in this course will read Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.  and respond to questions on each chapter and tie the information to their classroom application.  Responses will include descriptions of lesson plans, activities, and both successes and challenges in implementation. Additionally, they will document their implementation of ideas for each chapter. Participants will need to secure their own copy of the book.

Motivating the Hard to Motivate
What motivates students these days? It seems harder and harder to find that button that will help students connect with you and their learning. Join Lori Jensen as she shares evidence-based strategies that have proven to work to motivate the hard to motivate. Participants will gain ideas from both the classroom as well as to deepen personal connections with students. If you’ve been frustrated… this class is for you!  

Strategies to Support ELLs
How can you help your English Language Learners succeed?  This course will explore how to modify instruction and assessment to support ELLs at different levels of proficiency and how to make your lessons more meaningful for your English learners.

Office Administration
Fundamentals of Office Administration I
The Fundamentals of Office Administration I Program is designed for office professionals who are interested in developing new or enhancing current skills, learning the latest trends and technology, and increasing productivity. This will also improve communication skills, time management, office automation, and various other skills that are helpful for an office professional.  This training is designed for individuals who provide office and administrative support.

Fundamentals of Office Administration II
The Fundamentals of Office Administration II program is designed for office professionals who have completed the Fundamentals of Office Administration I program and are interested in further developing their office management skills.  This training will focus on advanced office product training, office organization, efficiency, building a successful team environment, and additional communication skills.

Business Office Administration
The Business Office Administration program is designed for individuals who provide office and administrative support. Training includes a culture of service and communication, time management, and introduction to diversity and inclusion.  

Engaging Students in an Virtual Learning Environment
Engaging an online student is much different that engaging a student in a traditional classroom. During this course, you will learn how different types of digital communication and collaboration resources can engage students in an online learning environment.

Assessment Strategies for Virtual Teachers
Providing different types of authentic assessments is necessary to showcase student learning, even in a virtual environment.  During this course, you will learn about different ways to assess virtual students, including rubrics, projects, and collaborative games.  You will also learn about strategies and resources for providing quality feedback on student work.

Blended Learning with Google Classroom
Google Classroom is a blended learning resource that encourages a paperless classroom concept.  Activities inside of Classroom promote higher level thinking, communication, collaboration and digital citizenship.  During this course, you will learn how to build and implement Google Classroom for student assignments, assessments, collaborative projects, and a repository for extra practice resources.

Career Exploration Using Technology
During this course, you will learn how technology can expose students to a variety of types of careers while while allowing them to practice important “soft skills”, such as time management, critical thinking and problem solving.

Cyber Safety
The Cyber Safety Program is for employees who are currently novice or non-expert with various aspects of security on the internet. This program would be appropriate for those users who work with computers or with any internet functions.

Getting the Most Out of Google Forms
Google Forms is one of the best educational tools for teachers, students, and classrooms today. Participants will learn about the different ways Google Forms can be implemented into the classroom and will also spend time using Google Forms to create tests, surveys, exit tickets, journals, etc. that can be used by teachers and students on a daily basis. We will also spend time reviewing and using Flubaroo and other Google Add Ons that can enhance the use and functionality of Google Forms.

Google Apps, Extensions, and Add Ons
In this course, participants will learn about apps, extensions, and add-ons that integrate with Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, and other Google tools. After learning the basics, participants will research, install, and use a variety of free apps, extensions, and add-ons to create classroom resources and assignments within the Google platform.

Google Garage Part 1
Are you just getting started with all-things-Google? This course will walk you step-by-step through the basics of Google, including Mail, Calendar, Drive, and Docs. Please note that information provided in this course is not student-based.  The course provides foundational information needed before using Google with students.

Google Garage Part 2
If you feel comfortable with the concepts from Google Garage Part 1, the you are ready for the next level of Google greatness.  During this course, you will learn about Google Apps and Extensions, Google +, Google Keep, and how these resources can impact student learning.

Hyperdocs Boot Camp
Do your boring worksheets need a digital makeover?  If so, then hyperdocs are the solution!  Students can access media-rich content, answer higher level questions, and collaborate with classmates--all within a hyperdoc! During this course, you will learn how to create these engaging digital activities using Google Docs, Sheets and Forms.

iBooks Author
The iBooks Author app allows users to compose and publish iBooks for their personal, professional, and student iDevices and Mac computers. This course will introduce participants to this great educational app and its powerful features and functions. Participants will learn the basics of iBooks Author and then expand their knowledge by learning how to add text, images, audio, video, and other dynamic content. By the end of this course, participants will be able to use iBooks Author to create and publish iBooks to use in their classrooms to enhance their curriculum and content.  

Making iMovie Trailers for the Classroom
iMovie trailers are a fun and easy way to bring multimedia and technology into classrooms. In this course time will be spent learning the basic and advanced features of the iMovie Trailer app. After becoming familiar with the app, participants will see how easy iMovie trailers can be created and integrated by teachers and students into any classroom. By the end of the course, participants will have completed several iMovie trailers for their classrooms, as well as take away a number of lesson plans and ideas for implementation. Participants must have an iPad or Mac laptop with the iMovie App installed on it to successfully complete the assignments for this course.

Microsoft Office Essentials
The Microsoft Office Essentials courses are for employees who are currently novice or non-expert users of Microsoft Office suite. This program would be appropriate for those users who are self-taught or have not had formal Microsoft Office training. Successful participants should already possess a basic competence in using a computer and in keyboarding.

Prezi for Beginners
Prezi is an online presentation tool that is being used by teachers and students in classrooms everywhere. In this course, participants will gain an understanding of Prei and its design tools, templates, and layouts. Participants will also become familiar with various visual techniques within Prezi, and learn how to make dynamic and unforgettable presentations.

Putting the Pizzazz in Student Presentations
As a stronger emphasis is placed on speaking and listening standards, students need to be exposed to a variety of digital presentation options rather than being assigned to create a PowerPoint.  During this course, you will learn about digital student presentation resources to help improve speaking and listening skills through student choice, creativity, higher-level thinking and instructional relevance.  

The Google Classroom
Transform learning in your classroom through the use of Google Classroom, an amazing web based tool that was designed to help teachers ready to move forward with creating a paperless classroom. Google Classroom combines seamlessly with Google Drive and the Google Education Apps to create an easy and reliable learning platform for classrooms. Google Classroom is easy to set up, saves time for teachers and students, and improves organization and learning. Don’t miss out on this course as we explore Google Classroom and its functions and features.

Using Active Learning to Increase Student Understanding
Active learning is a wonderful set of instructional strategies for engaging students in the content for increased understanding.  Participants will learn about some of the strategies involved in active learning, be asked to read the research on the effectiveness of the strategies in classrooms and reflect in writing on those strategies, and design lesson plans that include active learning strategies that they feel would fit within their classroom systems and would enhance their curriculum.

Using Google Forms for Student Assessments
A Google Form is more than just a data collection tool.  Teachers can use Forms to assess student learning in many ways.  During this course, you will learn how to design different kinds of assessments including exit tickets, journal writing, hyperdoc daily work, and quizzes. 

For More Information: Please contact Lori Jensen at or 620.584.3300